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The Treehouse Room

This room is a firm favorite among many, and for good reason! The Treehouse Room brags incredible views of the garden and city. It is surrounded by tree canopies, creating a "treehouse" effect. This room is ideal for those who want to work with a view, or for those who are seeking a tranquil environment.

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The Red Room

Our red room certainly is dramatic in décor, but offers a warm and welcoming feel to guests needing a restful nights sleep. It offers gorgeous views of the garden, and is situated inside the main building.

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The White Room

Also known fondly as the "safari room", it is expertly decorated with the safari theme in mind.

The White Room speaks for itself, and is quintessential for those seeking luxury and beautiful views.

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The Green Room

The Green Room boasts views of the pool area which is most welcome on a hot summers day. Gracefully decorated with hues of green, it leaves guests feeling rejuvenated and lightened throughout their stay.

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The Mirror Room

The Mirror Room has its own entrance and entrance area.

The extra space that this room offers is welcome to those who are needing to work longer, or who just need an extended getaway.

Explore the literature from its quaint library, whilst enjoying the views of Pietermaritzburg.

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How to make a reservation

Please contact us directly on

072 613 8952

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